Our Partners

Carissa Woo Photography has been photographing kids and families for 8 years.  Fun, colorful, candid are adjectives that best describe their work.  At Carissa Woo Photography, they strive to be a refreshing little company focused on love because that’s what you’re hiring them to capture.

They adore what they do and fall in love with each of their clients.  Every wonderful family has so much personality to share and they feel lucky to be witnesses to those moments, to capture them, to make them timeless. 

When you book a Photo + Play Partnership Package, award-winning Carissa Woo Photography will come to you and capture your special day in their own special way, from start to finish of your event, so you may cherish those unique moments for a lifetime.

Rest Assured Special Event Sitters

Rest Assured Special Event Sitters is a highly experienced, educated, insured, certified, and thoroughly trained team of childcare professionals, who come to you.  They care for and carefully interact with children in our soft sensory play spaces, with safety as their #1 priority.

When you book a Care Partnership Package, you have two options to choose from: 1) Straightforward care in our soft play space, or 2) Care + Rest Assured Kids Corner with age/development-appropriate activities, which include arts & crafts, Kinetic Sand, board games, and beyond.  While 6yo+ kiddos are outside of our play space range, you may now opt to have them also care for and entertain those “older” siblings/guests.

Interested in partnering with us?

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