MESH kids co. is a custom soft sensory play company, based in Orange County and Los Angeles County, CA.  We offer rentals and sales within OC, LA County, and neighboring cities.  Special travel accommodations are possible for those beyond our service areas.

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Here for a MINNIMESH inflatable ball pit or Báll a Carte?  Browse and buy here at our partner MINNIDIP’s site.  Please remember that pools and balls ship and arrive separately, outside of special orders.  For any questions and/or customizations (i.e. gifting, colors, quantities, etc.) regarding our products or your order, send us a note to

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Remember last year's epic 7th Heaven ball pit? True to form, these twins celebrated their #quarantinebirthday at home with family in style. @sendintheclownsla made sure every detail was on brand with their #magic8ball theme and that the kids felt the big birthday love on their special day. Check out all the fun details on their feed.🎱✨
BIG thanks to Leesa + the whole @sendintheclownsla crew who thoughtfully scheduled all vendors across 4 days so that we could remain safe and comply with social distancing guidelines. 🙏🏼
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Minnidip founder Emily Vaca and her cute fur-baby Bananas are having a BALL! The @minnidip crew and all of us at MESH are incredibly grateful and touched by the amount of love you've shown for our new MINNIMESH collab. Your Ball Party is en route now, and we can't wait for you to receive your #minnimesh ball pits. For those of you who haven't ordered yet, or are just learning about it now...
We have just a few more bundles left in stock, but the @minnidip pool collection will be restocked *soon* with even more dips to match our #minnimesh ball combos with, so stay tuned. 🎉
If you already have a Minnidip at home, we have 6 different complementary color combo BÀLL A CARTE options to turn your pool into a #minnimesh. We hope you're all healthy, safe, and can't wait to see you all having a BALL! 💕
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What is Soft Play?

Soft play in a nutshell:

  • Foam-padded play equipment primarily for crawlers to five-year-olds
  • Creates a structured, stimulating, and safe play environment
  • Stimulates and develops physical dexterity and literacy*
  • Greatly beneficial for children with special/development needs
  • Most importantly, hours of interactive entertainment

A little story about why you should soft play:

Have you ever imagined?  You’re at a toddler’s birthday party, and the kiddos are not screaming and sweating in a ginormous jumper.  You’re sitting through an entire wedding ceremony or reception, and your (or someone else’s) children are not interrupting the vows or first dance.  You’re enjoying a fragrant glass of Cabernet, schmoozing at your family-friendly corporate holiday event,  and your littles are not tugging on your gown because they’re bored and “want to go home–now!”  You’re buying thousands…no, several thousands of dollars worth of baby/toddler equipment and toys within the seriously-quick span of one to five years, and your tots are not rapidly getting tired of and not rapidly outgrowing those top-rated, “must-have” items.

We have.  We’ve imagined, because we’ve been there.  Our toddlers have been innocent-bystanders-turned-casualties of sweaty, screaming jumpers.  Our toddler has whisper-yelled (you know that one, ‘rents), “I wanna go!” while the groom emotionally recites his vows–sorry, cousin Phil.  Our toddlers have tugged on our new lace overlay gowns, wrinkled our freshly dry-cleaned suits, and lifted our satin dresses–in the middle of large crowds–because they’re “sooo bored.”  Our precious tots have expressed the “need” for so many toys and other development-related items which we’ve given into more times than we’re proud of and can remember.  To this day, we’ve basically handed away several thousands of dollars worth of baby/toddler items which our children rapidly “outgrew” and/or simply got bored of.  If only we knew then what we know now.  #ParentLife #ToddlerLife #StandTogether #KeepItTogether #ParenthoodIsTheBestHood #HugLife

Now, let’s shimmy down to how we may help prevent our dear littles from whisper-yelling, interrupting, tugging, convincing us to spend silly sums of our hard-earned money, and beyond.

*For all you fellow readers out there | Good (and lengthy) article about physical literacy

Ways to (Soft) Play:

We joyfully bring our soft play equipment right to you for just about any occasion, venue, and unique space dimensions.  Our services span Orange County, Los Angeles County, as well as neighboring cities.  We have over 150 custom soft play pieces for you to choose from, whether you’re interested in a single-day rental, a short/long-term lease, or even purchasing one or more modules.  We provide white glove assembly, breakdown, and thorough hypoallergenic, non-toxic sanitation of our soft play equipment on the day of your event.

Below are just some of the types of events where you may find us or want to have us–the sky is (basically) the limit!

For the younger ones to stay active and entertained, while the siblings practice/play basketball, baseball, whatever-other-ball, hockey, golf, tennis, and/or any other sport out there.

Beach days are the best days.  Whether it’s for a get-together, workout session, volleyball game, surf contest, holiday festival, etc., we provide a safe, shaded, soft play area for the littles to enjoy.

First of all, happy birthday!  Are you celebrating baby’s 100th day or first year?  How about a golden birthday, quinceañera, bar/bat mitzvah, or sweet sixteen, and you’re expecting lots of littles to attend?  Please allow us to provide a unique, safe, fun alternative and/or addition to entertainment such as bounce houses, jumpers, and other types of inflatables.

Block parties are always a blast!  Make it even blastier (yes, it surprisingly is a word–a 10-point playable Scrabble word, in fact) by rounding up all the neighborhood kiddos to mingle and (soft) play.

Community events are wonderful opportunities to bring folks together–neighbors, community members, civic leaders, servicemen and women, etc.–to connect and create a true culture of community.   If you’re hosting or attending community events such as yard sales, holiday light displays/walks/parades, egg hunts, BBQs, beach/park cleanups, game nights, fundraisers, hobby clubs, bonfires, potlucks, bake sales, cook-offs, residential open houses, fire and police department open houses, school open houses, meetup groups, wellness fairs, or just because, look no further for your toddler entertainment.

More and more workplaces are shifting from promoting work-life balance to work-life integration. With that shift, company events (i.e., holidays, anniversaries, awards, etc.) are wonderful opportunities to celebrate the support that your employees and their families have contributed to workplace engagement and success.

Offer your farmers market shoppers (big and small) a break between the sundried tomato hummus and “we grow what we sell” organic pluots.  Our soft play stations are safe, shaded, and slammin’.

While there are always a slew of fun rides and activities for the older crowd at festivals and fairs, let’s not forget about our younger crowd who also deserve a great time.  Our soft play stations offer parents/guardians a breather, while the kiddos safely play, allowing them to stay even longer to enjoy all the exciting festivities.  We’re happy to fully customize our soft play stations to fit your needs–5′ x 5′?  20′ x 20′?  We’ve got your back!

Please allow us to create an active, safe, and fun soft play station for your tiny guests, so your adult guests may enjoy their tee and tea times!

ConGRADulations!  These ceremonies can be long–very long.  Offer your guests safe, active, and shaded entertainment for the many mini busy bodies who aren’t built to remain seated for long periods of time.  Idea: Live stream the ceremony at the soft play station so your attendees don’t miss a beat.

With consumers no longer going to malls solely for retail shopping, family entertainment has become one of the primary drivers for attracting visitors to your property.  Our soft play stations are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces, with customizable styles and sizes.

For the many Parent-and-Me (and similar) groups out there, entertainment and/or breaks are necessary.  Our soft play stations provide just that–an active, safe, and fun play space for your little ones to enjoy, during yoga, sports, support, church, education, post-partum, play, and others.

As a manager or owner of multifamily properties, you know that resident retention is key.  Host engaging events onsite while remaining invested, hospitable, and grateful–events that allow residents to get out of their homes, promote a stronger sense of community, and reveal how much you care about their happiness.  With social media being so prevalent today, your thoughtful events will create buzz, making your community stand out as the hottest in town.  All that to say, our safe, fun, and customizable soft play stations are a fantastic addition to your family-friendly resident events.  Keep those occupancy rates up!

Children of many ages and abilities have sensory processing challenges within areas such as communicating, socializing, playing, and learning.  Soft play equipment can aid in meeting new goals and maintaining progress.  For those in formal occupational/physical therapy, consider our equipment on days off, by recreating the experience right at home.  Daily/weekly/monthly plans are available–please reach out to discuss one that fits your needs.

Of the many activities available to us parents for play groups with our littles, there seem to be less options for the littler littles.  If you’re hosting or attending a play group, we have customizable packages to provide an entertaining and safe (soft) play environment for cuties as soon as they’re able to crawl.

Our soft play stations are a unique, safe, and fun addition to cater toward your toddler guests, for store events such as soft openings, grand openings, anniversaries, promotions, etc.

Family reunion, class reunion, colleague reunion?  Reunite with your family/friends, while you unite all your littles for a great time in our customizable soft play stations.

Whether you’re hosting a special event, seeking a longer term rental arrangement, or a regularly scheduled rental, we are here to collaborate and help design age-appropriate, space-appropriate configurations to keep your busy toddlers busy.

Hosting or attending a viewing party?  Is it sports-related, like NBA Playoffs/Finals, MLB World Series, NFL Super Bowl, College Bowl games, Sunday/Monday night football, Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, Tour de France, Stanley Cup Finals, UEFA Champions League, or NCAA March Madness?  Is it awards-related, like The Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys, CMAs, VMAs, or AMAs?  Perhaps it’s a TV premier/finale, a classic/new movie, Rose Parade, Macy’s Parade, or *gasp* even the Royal Wedding!  Invite us to keep the kiddos active and entertained, while you all enjoy your viewing.  “The show must go on!”

For a kid-friendly wedding ceremony and/or reception, entertainment for toddlers is a must.  Please allow us to help relieve some of the wedding planning and configure a classy soft play station for the tots–one that will mesh (see what I did there?) right in with your wedding venue and theme, so you can help ensure all your loved ones are able to join you on your incredibly special day.