Partner Spotlight: Carissa Woo Photography

I knew Carissa as an acquaintance from high school years.  While we didn’t attend the same schools, nor did we have the same circle of friends, I always adored her aura.  Fast forward 10+ years later, she married Stuart, a longtime best friend of mine, and they are perfect for each other. Carissa is a bright, genuine, and passionate gal, and those qualities exude throughout her work.

Carissa Woo Photography has been photographing kids and families for 8 years. Fun, colorful, candid are adjectives that best describe their work. At Carissa Woo Photography, they strive to be a refreshing little company focused on love–because that’s what you’re hiring them to capture.

Carissa and her team adore what they do, and fall in love with each of their clients. Every wonderful family has so much personality to share and they feel lucky to be witnesses to those moments, to capture them, to make them timeless.

Book Carissa Woo and her team for your family’s photography needs; you’ll be happy you did.  Inquire about our Play + Photography package deals.

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