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Howdy Friends and Future Friends!

We’re thrilled to begin our blogging journey and share with you around topics like Soft Sensory Play, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Parenting, Pediatric Occupational Therapy, Child Development, Child Safety, How Tos, DIYs, Trends, and beyond. We’re open to topic suggestions, requests, and even contributed content. For those of you interested in being a Contributor, please reach out to us here.

MESH kids co. is a soft sensory play company, with children’s happiness and wellness as a core focus. MESH stands for Matteo, Eunice, Samuel, and Henry.
• Matteo is the 3yo with an affinity for avocado, boba, legos, and karate moves
• Eunice is the 33yo with an affinity for avocado, coffee, family, and God
• Samuel is the 5yo with an affinity for seafood, complex carbs, media, and singing
• Henry is the 35yo with an affinity for Genova canned yellowfin tuna, all-things-basketball, the Olympic Games, and chefing it up

Stay tuned for fun and engaging content about children, parents, and family.

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